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Dark Magic 5 Piece Altar Set

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This five piece matching altar set was hand painted and created in resin. The set includes: Rune set with velvet bag, pentacle dish, astrology trinket box, incense burner/ash catcher and a pendulum with velvet bag. It can also be broken up and used for vanities or bathrooms! 


Elder Futhark Rune Set, includes 24 runes and 3 blanks, 27 total. Each piece is 3cm long, 2cm wide and 1cm thick. Includes velvet drawstring bag.

Pentacle Dish, length: 7" by 4" and 1" high.

Astrology Trinket Box, perfect size for vanities, altars, jewelry, bathrooms, etc. Features a moon embed at the bottom of the box. Length: Width across 3.5 Inches; Height: 2 Inches (with lid on).

Incense Burner/Ash Catcher, length: 9.7" (longest side) by 1.3" and 5mm high.

Pendulum, often used for dowsing and divination, created in our very own workshop.
Tip 1 inch; Chain 8 inches; Total length 9 inches.

Handmade set is created from epoxy resin and hand painted. Due to the handmade nature of this item, small imperfections may appear. Not food safe.

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