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Labyrinth | Should You Need Us Necklace

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Should You Need Us... This pendant has many uses. It can be a talisman to invoke ancestral protection or a touchstone to lend us strength. It can be a reminder of how connected we are to those we love, even when we cannot be near each other. A reminder of those who mean the most to us, or a friendship across space and time. Should you need us… you are not alone. We are so much closer than you think!

☆ 14.5 grams of solid bronze pendant

☆ 1.24 in (3.1 cm) diameter

☆ Stainless Steel jump ring

☆ Choice of necklace chain

☆ Pendant comes wrapped in a folded paper envelope sealed with wax seal, necklace packaged separately

Each option features a portrait of Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ambrosius together, engraved by Mintmaster Woody Maringer. The "Should You Need Us" text side was designed by Alexis Lampley and engraved by Warren Smith.

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