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Ullr / Vegvsir Bronze and Leather Necklace

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Brings Luck in Skiing and Archery "...Ullr, Sif's son and Thór's stepson, is one, too. He is such a good archer and ski-runner that no one can rival him." —Prose Edda

Within the winter skiing community of Europe the Old Norse god Ullr is considered the Guardian Patron Saint of Skiers. An Ullr medallion or Ullr ski medal, depicting the Scandinavian god Ullr on skis holding a bow and arrow, is widely worn as a talisman by both recreational and professional skiers as well as ski patrols in Europe and elsewhere.

The Vegvísir, or Norse compass, is an Icelandic magical stave, which, according to the Huld manuscript, protects one from losing their way in bad weather. This Ullr/Vegvísir Necklace from the world of Norse mythology is struck from solid bronze, measures 3.3 cm in diameter, and weighs about 12 grams. Includes a 30" leather cord. Coin artwork by Woody Maringer. © Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.

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