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Travel Altar : Creative Success

$ 28.00

Creative success can range from personal creative growth to manifestation of success in creative businesses. These small altars contain items to help you on your journey, wherever you may be. Each tin is 5" x 3.5" x 2" and is hand adorned with colors representing creativity.

Each kit contains:
- A chime candle holder
- 1 yellow and 1 orange chime candle
- Agate bracelet
- Jade offering bowl
- Turtle tigers eye charm
- Tumbled rose quartz
- Star Anise
- Violet
- Calendula Flower
- A cinnamon stick
- Shells in a glass jar
- Himalayan salt in a glass jar

Disclaimer : Items created by OmniFeral are made by traditional pagan/witchcraft/alternative spiritual practice standards and are sold as a curio item. Due to the natural materials and material availability, items may vary by color or size.

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