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SteamWolf Symphony is now OmniFeral

VampireKitten .

Posted on August 06 2021

Hi everyone,
This is going to be a bit more of a personal post, SteamWolf Symphony is becoming OmniFeral. Times have changed for me and with that I felt that it was necessary to reflect that through my business.
I'm sure you have noticed a lot of new changes and products around the store. That's because I am driving this business into becoming more of a lifestyle brand rather than simply a place to shop. I now carry items from other small businesses from all over the USA, in addition to the items I hand make and source for for the store. I have a lot of goals and dreams I'd like to accomplish and as I have gotten older, so too has my business (we've matured like a fine wine). I feel as though I have outgrown my original steampunk whimsical fantasy name and wanted something a bit more sophisticated.
SteamWolf Symphony is becoming OmniFeral as an effort to get back to my personal roots of who I am and how I feel deep down. Things change, people change and I wanted my business to reflect who I was... a feral beastie in the 21st century. So with that, I hope you all go take a look at the new site, update your bookmarks, share my brand with your socials and continue being the best version of yourselves.
- ❤ VampireKitten


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