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Originally known as "SteamWolf Symphony", the seed of OmniFeral was planted and grew it's roots in Los Angeles California in 2011. From that moment on it's flourished through the North Eastern states, The Bay Area of Northern California and has since settled in the Midwest. SteamWolf Symphony became OmniFeral as an effort to get back to my personal roots of who I am and how I feel. Things change, people change and I wanted my business to reflect who I was... a feral beastie in the 21st century. 


OmniFeral is an artisan goods & metaphysical shop that specializes in: handmade one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces, nature inspired jewelry, fantasy accessories, magickal implements, oddities, unique home & tabletop gaming accessories, hand-poured candles based on legends of old and remarkable finds from other small businesses. If it's rooted in fantasy or magic, we probably have it! Items that are created in-house are made in small batches to preserve their quality. We take great pride knowing each piece is handmade with care. 


My name is Candace, but I often go by "VK". I am the one woman show that owns, operates, creates and operates this shop. I’m a Southern California native, who is obsessed with her cat and dog familiars. Prior to starting this business, I worked in the games industry, in addition to working in major television, radio/podcasts, feature films and new media. Now I’m a full time creative professional! I own/operate/manage this store and do content creation full time. I am self taught in costuming, photography and makeup; with formal training in television and music. I'm in love with whimsical things, oddities, gaming, spooky stuff and alt fashion. You can learn more about me on my personal website. - 💚



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