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Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Tarot

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Discover fresh and modern interpretations of each card and gain insights into your inner self and your future.
This accessible and easy guide teaches you how to unlock the secrets concealed within the tarot. An outstanding tarot reader for over forty-five years, Sasha Fenton brings her professional expertise to help beginners learn to read tarot for themselves and others. Her no-nonsense guidelines, combined with your own intuition, make reading the cards easy and fun.
Fenton provides fresh and modern interpretations of each card, including their positive and negative implications, and what they mean when they are dealt in reverse. She includes multiple suggestions for spreads—from the simple to the complex—that can be used for general readings as well as focused readings to provide clarity and to resolve specific questions. Unique to this tarot guide, Fenton discusses how to link card interpretations together to create a full narrative in a reading.
Included are tips and advice for purchasing and handling tarot cards, along with a brief history of their origin. Fenton includes a discussion of failed readings to help you understand why things sometimes go wrong and what to do about it.
This book gives the beginner an ideal introduction to the tarot, and before long you will be ready to explore your inner self and your future, and that of others.