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Land & Sea : Bone Throwing / Osteomancy Set

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Natural History & Animal Bone, Throwing Bones / Osteomancy Set

13 Pieces Include : 
- Mink Vertebrae
- Rabbit Rib
- Antler Tip
- Fossilized Squalicorax Shark Tooth
- Shell Slice
- Smokey Quartz
- Limpet Shell
- Abalone Shell
- Rabbit Atlas
- Gar Skull Bone
- Coyote Foot Bone
- Horseshoe Nail
- Agate Cube

Casting cup/storage container included, doesn't not include instructions. The longest piece is 2.2", smallest is 1"

A throwing bone set is meant as a divination set not unlike runes or tarot. It's more personal in a way however, you assign meanings to each piece and each set is unique to the user. This set is meant as a base set, you can expand on it by adding additional pieces on your own as you grow in your workings.

Ethically sourced animal parts. OmniFeral is not responsible for your local state laws on buying animal parts, please verify before purchasing that this sale is in accordance with local and state laws. Items created by OmniFeral are made by traditional pagan/witchcraft/alternative spiritual practice standards and are sold as a curio item.