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Small "Imp" Costume Horns

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Designed for those who seek a touch of fantasy and an air of mystique in their outfit, these lightweight and easy-to-wear horns are an exceptional addition to any costume. Whether you're aiming for a fantastical creature, a mythological being, or simply adding a unique twist to your outfit, these horns come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your creative vision.

Medium Size ⚬ 1 inch wide, 3.5 inches from base of front to tip. This horn style is available in three sizes!

Lightweight and Comfortable ⚬ Easy to wear, goes over your head like a headband.

An Original OmniFeral Design ⚬ Unique to this store, you wont find this style anywhere else.

Easy to Mount To a Hat, Headband or Wig ⚬ Can be removed from the elastic band and easily mounted with some floral wire (not included).

Easy to paint! ⚬ Can be lightly sanded or primed if needed, spray paint for plastic works best!

Ready to ship! ⚬ All listings for horns in this store are in-stock and ready to ship.

Band too long? The band is extra long to fit most head sizes after shipping. Add an extra knot at the end for a better fit.

Horns slipping down? They are not tight enough and need to be tightened with an extra knot at the end for a better fit.

Due to the nature of these horns being 3D printed, they may feature slight imperfections which occur naturally in the printing process or small sanded spots where imperfections/printer supports were removed.

(Photo Small "Brute" horns shown with Fluorescent Yellow "Beast" horns. "Brute" horns not included.)